Family Photos

Every person photographed here is either a descendant of Bernard McQuade or has married a descendant of Bernard. Click on a picture to view the larger version. After viewing the larger picture you may click back on your internet browser to return to this page.


Hannah L. McQuade (Vandegrift)

We have a lot of thanks to give Hannah for some of the information and history that we hold onto today. Hannah married Frederick Vandegrift and had five children. She was the daughter of Barnard and Rachel McQuade.

James Porter McQuade

James is pictured here in his civil war uniform. James was the son of Barnard and Rachel McQuade. He was married to Mary A. Neal and had 5 children.

Unknown Woman

This woman is unknown to us at this time though Bill King tends to believe this may be either Annie D. McQuade Yeager or Rachel Brooke McQuade. Hopefully more to come on this photo.

Winfield Scott McQuade Family

This was the family of Winfield Scott McQuade, he is pictured here with his wife Clara S. (Stover) McQuade and his children John S. McQuade, Charles Winfred McQuade, and Jennie Clara (Calvert) McQuade. There was a fourth child born of the marriage - Ellen Bertha McQuade who passed away at the age of 11 in 1886.

Unknown Woman

This woman is unkown to us at this time.

Unkonwn Boy

This young boy is unknown to us at this time.


After matching this up with the Vandegrift girls photograph, seated appears to be possibly Bessie Anderson, what certainly looks like Mae McKnight, and perhaps Lillian Vandegrift. The gentlemen are unknown at this time.

John S. McQuade and Emma Gertrude Hart

John and Emma were married in 1909 and had a daughter named Jennie Gertrude McQuade.

John S. McQuade's children with spouses

Pictured here are John S. and Margaret (Arrison) McQuade, Lawrence and Naomi Florence (McQuade) Flinn, and Henry Patterson and Jennie Gertrude (McQuade) Kirk.

Children of John S. McQuade

Pictured here are the children of John S. McQuade: Naomi Florence McQuade (Flinn), John S. McQuade Jr., and Jennie Gertrude McQuade (Kirk).

Grandchildren of John S. McQuade

Pictured here are Alan Lawrence Flinn, John S. McQuade III, and Nancy Gertrude Kirk (Knox).

Families of Nancy Knox and Alan Flinn

Nancy Knox and Alan Flinn are the grandchildren of John S. McQuade Jr.

Unknown McQuade

At first my father and I thought this may have been Samuel, but now we are not so sure. There was no description on the back of the photograph. He appears to look similar to Samuel, but we just don't think it is him. Is it possible this is one of his brothers Elwood or Winfield? If anyone has any idea who this may be (injured man), please let us know.

Unknown person

At first my father and I thought this may have been Samuel, but now we are not so sure. There was no description on the back of the photograph. He appears to look similar to Samuel, but we just don't think it is him. Is it possible this is one of his brothers Elwood or Winfield? If anyone has any idea who this may be (the sad man in the middle), please let us know.

Dr. Harry Daniels McQuade

I've fixed the original photocopy that was given to me up, to remove some scratches. Information on the ever elusive H. D. McQuade has been found, and you can view a biography on him in the Records section.

Horace J. McQuade

This is Horace J. McQuade, son of James and Mary McQuade. He was born in March of 1869 in Philadelphia, PA, and passed away March 26, 1935 in South Orange, NJ.

Mary Williams

This is Mary Williams, the first wife of Horace J. McQuade. Mary was born in April of 1864. Horace and Mary were married about 1892. In November 20, 1946 Mary passed away.

Ethel McQuade Barrick

Here is a photo of Ethel McQuade Barrick preparing a turkey dinner. I'm not sure if she was getting ready for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or another occastion, I will have to ask Jenna Brady if she knows.

Samuel Butland McQuade

Samuel B. McQuade was born January 29, 1860 in Montgomery County, PA and died November 25, 1926 in Philadelphia, PA. For a while we thought Samuel's middle name was Butlin, in fact I still havent changed a few file names including this one. It wasn't until we discovered his mother Lydia's maiden name of Butland that we realized we were incorrect. Samuel is buried in Montrose Cemetery in Philadelphia, PA.

Emma Jane Richard

This is Emma Jane Richard, wife of Samuel B. McQuade. The picture says on the back "taken in 1898, later Emma Jane McQuade." Thanks to Lee Davis, we now know that Samuel and Emma were married on April 3, 1901 in Brooklyn, NY. I will post a copy of the marriage certificate when I receive it from him. (Thanks Lee!) Emma was born May 15, 1869 in Zion's Grove, PA and died July 9, 1958 in Philadelphia. She is burried in Montrose Cemetery with Samuel and daughter Emma L. (which may stand for Lydia).

Vandegrift, Yeager, and others.

This great photo was obtained from the Ayoub family. On left seated , Florence N. Yeager & behind her, Eva Bell Yeager, sisters of Walter R. Yeager. The three others standing on the stairs: May, Anne, & Lillian Vandegrift, grand children of Rachael McQuade also. Seated: Bessie Anderson and right, Mae McKnight, cousins of Mary M. Anderson Yeager.

Samuel with the Philadelphia City Bureau of Water

This photo was taken September 29, 1923. He is 5th from the right side with 11 other coworkers. Samuel was a caulker and later a supervisor. He retired making 4.80 a day in 1924. He had been making 3.00 a day for most of his previous 20 years with the Bureau.

Samuel with sons Ralph and Lynn

This photo is Samuel B. McQuade with his sons Ralph R. and Lynn B. This photo was taken April 23, 1910 at 52nd and Haverford Ave. Philadelphia, PA.

Ralph Richard McQuade

Ralph was born June 7, 1903 in Philadelphia, PA. He was the son of Samuel B. McQuade and Emma J. Richard. This photo was probably taken around 1910, Ralph was probably about seven years old in this picture.

Ralph Richard McQuade

This is another picture of Ralph, about the same age.

Sarah Ruth McQuade

Sarah Ruth was the daughter of Samuel B. McQuade and Emma J. Richard. She was born November 1, 1906 in Philadelphia, PA. The picture was taken November 29, 1930. It says Merry Christmas on the folder it came in.

John S. McQuade

John was born January 10, 1881 and died March 9, 1947 in Philadelphia, PA. He was a building contractor and was part owner of the Ketcham & McQuade company until he bought the rest out and renamed it the John S. McQuade Company.

Ralph Richard McQuade's baskteball team

This is Ralph Richard McQuade with his 1922 basketball team from Cooper A.A. They were the Overbrook Church Leage Champions in 1921-22 and 1922-23. Ralph is on the bottom left he was the Manager and played Guard.

"The Gang"

This is the gang on what we believe is the porch of Ray S. Whipple's house on Thompson Street. On the porch Left to Right - Roscoe Whipple, Steel Irene Harlan McQuade, Ralph Richard McQuade. In the Front Left to Right - Harriet Malinda Richard Whipple (aka Aunt Het, Emma's Sister), Emma Jane Richard McQuade, Lynn Butland McQuade, Mable Duell Ware McQuade, Ray S. Whipple (aka Uncle Hy, Harriet's husband), Sarah Ruth McQuade, 2 unknowns (we believe this may be Emma's sister Lucy and her husband Grant Whipple, Mary Eva Richard (Emma's sister, aka Jake).

Ralph Richard McQuade

This is a photo of Ralph when he was in the National Guard of Pennsylvania in 1923. He was a corporal.

Steele Irene Harlan

Steele was born June 11, 1907 in Swan Creek, MD. She died November 13, 1996 in Woodbury, NJ. She married Ralph Richard McQuade June 7, 1927 in Cooper M.E. Church, Philadelphia, PA. This is the same church Samuel and Emma attended. Steele is buried in Hillcrest Memorial Cemtery in Hurffville, NJ.

Ralph, Steele, and Ralph Jr.

This is Ralph McQuade with his wife Steel and their son Ralph Richard McQuade Jr. Ralph Jr. was born December 20, 1931 in Underwood Memorial Hospital, Woodbury, NJ and helps me research this family tree.

Ralph Richard McQuade Jr.

Here is a picture of Ralph Richard McQuade Jr. when he served in the navy.

Sharon Lee McQuade

Sharon was the daughter of Ralph Richard McQuade and Steele Irene Harlan. She was born November 19, 1946 and died November 6, 1965 in San Francisco of Toxemia. She is buried in Hillcrest Memorial Cemetery in Hurffville, NJ.

Sharon Lee McQuade

Here is another photo of Sharon Lee McQuade.

Steele Irene Harlan McQuade (Grandmom) and the four sons of Ralph Jr. and Elaine Adair

Here is Steele with four of her grandsons from left to right: Terry Wayne McQuade, Kent Tyler McQuade, Ralph Richard McQuade III, Christopher Scott McQuade.

The current Ralph McQuade Family

Here is the current Ralph McQuade Jr. family. Left to right top: Kent Tyler McQuade (son), Brian Scott McQuade (son), Ralph Richard McQuade III (son), Sean Tyler McQuade (grandson), Ralph Richard McQuade Jr., Chris Scott McQuade (son), Brett Richard Ralph McQuade (son), Terry Wayne McQuade (son). Front row Morgan McQuade (granddaughter), holding Corrinne McQuade (granddaughter), standing Romsin McQuade (grandson).

The Ayoub/Yeager/McQuade Get-together

On Saturday December 13, 2003, we met with the family of Anita Ayoub, great grandaughter of Annie D. McQuade Yeager and John Etter Yeager. We also met with Frank Welsh whose wife Geraldine Marion Yeager, is related to the Yeagers through John E. Yeager's brother Charles. Pictured from left to right in back are Frank Welsh, Brian McQuade, Ralph McQuade, Michael Ayoub, and Nelson Ayoub. In the front is Diane Ayoub and Anita Ayoub. We had a great time, thanks for the great hospitatlity!