Unmarked Graves

The John McQuade Family

Fernwood Cemetery is located in Yeadon, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. Here are the McQuades buried at Fernwood Cemetery in Lot 16, Section 26, in order of date of burials. Included with this is the relationship to John S. McQuade 1823-1898. Grandchildren are all Elwood R. McQuade's children. There is no grave stone marking this location.

McQuade, Mary January 4th, 1882 Daughter
McQuade, Rachel November 5, 1883 Daughter
McQuade, John A. February 9 , 1884 Son
McQuade, Mary June 27, 1890 Granddaughter (not confirmed)
McQuade, Ellwood K. July 25, 1891 Grandson
McQuade, Ralph July 13, 1893 Grandson
McQuade, John December 25, 1898 Self
McQuade, Lydia 81y October 6, 1906 Wife

The Frederick Vandegrift Family and Rachel Brooke McQuade

Leverington Cemetery is located in the Roxborough area of Philadelphia. The family of Frederick Vandegrift is buried in Lot #10, Sec 6, Div B without a grave stone.

Burial Date     First Name     Last Name     Age
5/19/68 only "Vandegrift" on first entry, it could be Herbert or when the lot was bought
12/28/68 Mrs. McQuaid (as is spelled in the records, this is Rachel) age 73
10/29/78 Frederick Vandegrift 59 yrs
3/22/15 Hannah Vandegrift 84 yrs 2" G
3/22/34 Anna E. Vandegrift 78 yrs 5" G
7/15/34 Lillian Vandegrift 67 yrs 5" G
10/19/39 Rachel M. Vandegrift 77 yrs 1" G

If anyone has any interest in donations, please let me know, I'm always taking a collection so that one day we may mark the graves of our ancestors.